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Pechkeks Anti Advent Calendar "Your days are numbered"

This anti-vents calendar from Pechkeks is guaranteed to bring glorious ruin to the pre-Xmas season. No matter which of the 24 doors you decide to open, there’s a Pechkeks misfortune cookie lying in wait to give you a push through the slog of a season.

But how should you decide which door of misfortune to open next when there’s no rhyme or reason or numbers to any of the doors? That’s up to you. You can have your misfortune any way you don’t like it. Behind each of these mini doors of doom lurks a crispy cookie full of black humor—with all the harbingers of gloom and tidings of doom. From the absurd and the naughty to the bad and the absolute worst, each door bears a new batch of mischievous curses, cutting insults and bleak omens of the future!

With Pechkeks misfortune cookies you don’t have to suffer our glorious bad news on an empty stomach, as each terrible tiding comes packed inside a decadent black cookie adored with all manner of woebegone wishes. This calendar makes all of your unwishes come true.

Unflinchingly funny, it’s a bundle of dark fun for you, your band of miscreant friends and insufferable relatives! And don’t forget—numbers never lie! Pechkeks wishes you a very scary Christmas!

WARNING: Behind the most unlucky of all numbers, 13, lurks a big surprise. Perhaps worth saving the worst for last.

52cm x 4cm x 40cm (LxWxH)

WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, glucose syrup, emulsifying agent: SOYA LECITHINS , colour: vegetable carbon, sunflower oil, flavouring, salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.
Store in a cool, dry place. Made in Germany

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