You can’t explain how much they hurt. But they’re also perfect for people who like to laugh. Who don’t take life too seriously, or don’t mind a dose of reality now and then. They are for friends who you really like. Or acquaintances who you can’t stand. And for any party that needs some added fun, or any meal that could do with a bit more spice.





who start talking about skin cancer as soon as the first ray of spring sunshine peeks through the black clouds. For whom every Friday is the 13th and who can’t see the pavement for the cracks. And for the hypochondriacs who need a CT scan after every midge bite and are lactose-intolerant to coconut milk.



Someone for whom it never rains, but it pours, who puts their foot in it with every move they make and everything they touch turns to crap? These cookies are made for them. And for their polar opposite – Sunday’s child, the high-flyer who never puts a foot wrong and whom you’d love to take down a peg or two, in a relaxed, charming way, of course!





And, enjoyed in company, are guaranteed to bring the greatest joy of all: joy at others’ misfortune. That’s not to everyone’s taste, but that only makes it funnier. All of which makes them the perfect little gift for any occasion when people want to have a laugh. At others and at themselves. That’s the best part: anyone who can do that (or learn to, fast), will always have something to laugh about.


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