Lucky you! - Now there are Misfortune Cookies!

The dark twin of the fortune cookie. A black cookie containing black humor sayings. With over thousands of funny, bad forecasts in a very stylish design.The high-flying product from Germany hits the high street. Damned funny, fancy design, high quality and deep black humor guaranteed.

A perfect contemporary gift and a must have on a retailers gift list! The Misfortune Cookies are indispensable in trend- & designshops, delicatessen, exclusive giftshops and bookstores and as the dark twin of the fortune cookies well established.

The Misfortune Cookies are in strong and increasing demand, the press reactions are enormous and on everyone´s lips!

The Misfortune Cookie is black, creative and tasty. A high quality and trendy giftarticle. And that´s where you come in! Don´t miss to launch the Misfortune Cookie as one of the first.

We would be delighted to hear from you for any reason. But especially if you manage a shop that could handle a little more dark humour in its range. In that case, you’re in luck for once, as Misfortune Cookies will get back to you promptly. Thanks in advance, and have a terrible Day.



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